1High Numerical Google Ratings (e.g. 4-5)
2Positive Sentiment in Review Text
3Mobile-friendly/Responsive Website
4Quantity of Native Google Reviews (w/text)
5Dedicated Page for Each Service
6Completeness of GBP
7GBP Booking Feature is Enabled
8Proper Hours Set on GBP
9Quality/Relevance of Photos
10Presence of Owner Responses to Most Reviews
11Recency of Reviews
12Proximity of Address to the Point of Search (Searcher-Business Distance)
13Loadtime of Pages Across Entire Website
14Primary GBP Category
15Loadtime of GBP Landing Page
16Presence of Review Justifications in Local Search Results
17Physical Address in City of Search
18Presence of "Provides" Justifications in Local Search Results
19Presence of Appointment URL
20Quantity of Positive Google Review Attributes
21GBP Messaging Feature is Enabled
22Presence of "Website mentions" Justifications in Local Search Results
23High Numerical Third-Party Ratings (e.g. 4-5)
24Website Uses HTTPS by default
25Geographic (City/Neighborhood) Keyword Relevance of Domain Content
26Comprehensive Google Q&A Section with Owner-Seeded FAQs
27Sustained Influx of Reviews Over Time (rather than bursts)
28High Numerical Ratings by Authority Reviewers (e.g. Yelp Elite, Google Local Guides, etc)
29Keywords in Native Google Reviews
30Website's Degree of Focus on a Specific Niche
31Authority of Third-Party Sites on Which Reviews are Present
32Quantity of Reviews on Industry-Specific Sites
33Proper Placement of the Map Pin
34Keywords in GBP Business Title
35Presence of GBP Services
36Volume of Quality Content on Service Pages
37Topical (Product/Service) Keyword Relevance Across Entire Website
38Additional GBP Categories
39Quantity of Third-Party Traditional Reviews (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellowpages, etc)
40Frequency of Google Posts Posted
41Presence of Google Posts Justifications in Local Search Results
42Embedded Google Map for Location on GBP Landing Page
43Quantity of Native Google Ratings (no text)
44Local Area Code on GBP
45Volume of Quality Content on Entire Website
46Quantity of Photos in General on GBP
47Verified GBP
48Keywords in GBP Landing Page Title
49Diversity of Third-Party Sites on Which Reviews are Present
50Keywords in GBP Landing Page Headings (H1, H2, etc)
51Presence of Crowd Sourced Attributes
52Trusted Photographer / Google Business View Photography
53Quantity of Reviews by Authority Reviewers (e.g. Yelp Elite, Google Local Guides, etc)
54Presence of "Identifies as" Attributes on GBP
55Keywords in GBP Services
56Quantity of Videos on GBP
57Removal of spam listings through spam fighting
58Setting Service Areas in GBP
59Quantity of Third-Party Unstructured Reviews (e.g. blogs, newspapers, magazines)
60Quantity of Services Performed in Google Reviews
61Keywords in GBP Products
62Quantity of Products on GBP
63Keywords in Titles Across Entire Website
64Keywords in Google Posts
65User Added Attributes in GBP
66Keywords in Headings (H1, H2, etc) Across Entire Website
67Proximity of Address to Centroid
68Quantity of Google Posts Posted
69Quantity of Questions Asked in Google Q&A
70Reference to Location Specific Entities on GBP Landing Page
71Volume of Content on GBP Landing Page
72Keywords in GBP Landing Page Meta Description
73Keywords in Google Q&A
74Keywords in Third-Party Reviews
75Keywords in Meta Descriptions Across Entire Website
76Keywords in GBP Description
78Sustained Output of Content Over Time (rather than bursts)
79Keywords in Owner Responses to Reviews
80Keywords in Domain Name
81Keywords in GBP Landing Page URL
82Keywords in URLs Across Entire Website
83Age of GBP
84Presence of Outbound Links to Authority Topically Relevant Sites
85Quantity of Photos with Google Vision-AI Labels Matching Keywords
86Keywords in Image ALT attributes Across Entire Website
87Matching Google Account Domain to GBP Landing Page Domain
88Keywords in Image ALT attributes on GBP Landing Page
89Number of Bookings Through GBP Booking Feature
90NAP in Schema/JSON-LD on GBP Landing Page URL
91Geo-tagged Photos Uploaded to GBP
92Keywords in Image Filenames Across Entire Website
93Keywords in Image Filenames on GBP Landing Page
94Presence of XML Sitemap